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Friday, 31 January 2014

I tend to start each year with a vague idea of items I want to get throughout the coming months. The only issue with this is that when I get around to having money, I have usually forgotten these things, or priorities then lie with other needs. To attempt to solve this problem, along with creating something decent enough to be read, I have decided to do a post on this list of things I want for 2014. Hence the title...

This is an obvious start point but not the main part of the wish list. However, these three items are all essentials for me this year. 

First, the cut and sew blazer from ASOS is because I have a need for a black blazer. They are sometimes hard to keep casual and that's why this blazer is perfect. I have to have it. Unfortunately I don't have £85 to spend on it yet.

The jumper is from Boohoo for £10 on sale. Basically, I'm missing a plain black, thick knitted jumper from my wardrobe. I don't know why I don't have one, but I don't. Now that my style has taken a darker turn, I think it's time to get one.

I have an obsession with selvedge denim at the moment, but I don't own a pair myself... this is killing me. I did buy a pair but they just weren't right, so I'm selvedge-less. 


Accessories tend to make up a large part of my wants throughout the year as they tend to be easy to overlook. I'll want an accessory for ages, but I'll still buy a new shirt that I've only just found, first.

Since I have just ordered some business cards (see my Instagram for pictures), I feel I should get a business card holder. I can't have them rattling around in my pocket, and getting my wallet out each time seems like an effort. This beauty from Ted Baker seems perfect, and for only £9 at the moment.

Burberry Brit Rhythm is next on my fragrance wish list. I won't try to describe the smell, but I will say that it smells damn good, it suits my skin, it looks awesome, and the samples I received were scented temporary tattoos. What more reason is there to get a fragrance?

Both watches show my want for a new watch, but something understated, dark and simple. I adore my Triwa watch and my Komono Gold Wood (no longer available), but I want something darker. The two above (left: Komono Winston Woven £80. Right: Uniform Wares 203/KK04 £310) are perfect.

Finally, I really want some new sunglasses, preferably prescription and preferably Ray-Ban. I have always loved the Wayfarer style and I especially love the New Wayfarer. But between starting and finishing this post, I bought some Ray-Ban prescription glasses and sunglasses... When they come, I'll post up pictures.



I do love my gadgetry, especially Apple products. Not because I think they are the greatest things ever, or that they're the best in the market, but because everything syncs together so well. I can't go back now, I'm hooked.

To start, my phone contract runs out reasonably soon, so I know I know I will get a new phone this year. I figure it'll be worth waiting so I can get either the iPhone 6 or 6S (depending on how and when they release them). Apple's figures are dropping a bit and they're not hitting targets, so in theory, they should step up their game with the next releases.

Considering I have had my Macbook Pro for coming up to four years now, I'd quite like to upgrade at some point, possibly combining that with purchasing Photoshop CS6. However, that will be a lot of money that I currently don't have... We will see if it happens.

The last two images are of Herschel cases, (Left: iPad Mini sleeve. Right: Macbook Pro 13" sleeve). I love Herschel, but this is mainly to show my want for cases. I have nothing for my laptop, although I don't take it many places, and I only have a flip cover on my iPad Mini, which doesn't protect it quite enough in my bag. So these are both wants, and needs.


There you go guys, a list of some of the things I aim to get by the end of this year. There are other things of course, for instance I would quite like a PS4. But that can probably come after a new laptop, and so will be unlikely to happen any time soon. Furthermore, I'm enjoying making my style a bit more casual at the moment and getting into trainers, so another pair may be on the cards. Naturally, I'll keep you updated.

What's on your wish list for this year? Anything big or interesting? Let me know!

Cheers guys,

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