Outfit of the Day #3

Friday, 20 December 2013

I realise that I haven't put together an 'outfit of the day' post since August, this is far too long and I apologise. There's not much of an excuse for it if I'm honest, after all, I have been wearing clothes (almost) every day since then. But in this short amount of time, I have gained a lot of clothes (and I really mean that), I have developed in what my idea of style is, I have lost weight and I have gained well-fitting jeans.

I hope this proves all of that to you...

Jacket: £85 - Next

Shirt: £20 - Next

Jeans:  £28 - Next

Shoes: £65 - Ask the Missus

Belt: £30 - Paul Costelloe

Pocket Square: £4 - Next

Lapel Pin: £8 - ASOS

I have a lot of love for this outfit. I know that I could wear this out anywhere I wanted, but then I could add a tie and I'd be ready for work (which is the kind of outfit I love). 

I have to apologise for the amount of Next clothes that I wear. However, no apologies will be made for this outfit. This is the nicest blazer I have ever owned. If you're on the lookout for a navy smart/casual blazer, look no further. For £85, it's well-made, well-fitting, and you won't find better for the money.

Furthermore, the £20 oxford shirts from Next are, in my opinion, the best value-for-money oxford shirts on the market. They are high quality cotton, easy to wear with anything and in a whole range of colours (with even more colours coming out next year).

Overall, I can't wait to wear this outfit again, or even do the same but with the burgundy oxford shirt. Oh, and I'm sorry that the shoes aren't available to buy now... I now how beautiful they are, they're my favourite pair! The pocket square is still available in Next stores I think, but I was given it as a present and I love it!

Cheers guys,

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