Luke 1977 - The Geezer*

Sunday, 22 December 2013

I've been lucky enough to be gifted a pair of Luke 1977 shoes to do a review of. The first point I will make is that they came incredibly quickly and the second is that the box is lush (see above and below). Some companies seem to underestimate the initial impact of the shoe-box, so trust me when I say that this matters and I was impressed. Especially the little phrase on the side saying 'These shoes are made for walking' - The moment I noticed it, I laughed and gained so much fondness for Luke 1977.

Now, I'm also fond of the fact that the shoes I've been given are called the 'Geezer', sparking fond memories of Only Fools and Horses. So, before I had even opened the box, I had already gained a feeling of loyalty toward Luke.

And then I opened the box, and this is what I found...

A modern twist on an old classic, the geezer is a beautiful black brogue, with the addition of a contrasting red wedge sole. Thus far, the whole experience had been rather aesthetically pleasing, from the box down to the shoes. The question is how well made they are and how they feel/look when on my feet.

When it comes to how well made they are, I wasn't expecting the standards of the greats like Loake or Grenson. Especially considering that Luke 1977 isn't a company that you'd normally associate with dress shoes. However I was pleasantly surprised as the shoes do seem to have been made very well and they are incredibly comfy, especially with the soft sole. The only issue I have is the fact that I found them to be quite a small size 10 and not suited to the wider foot. But I have always been a strange shoe size and I regret not getting a size 11. My bad.

Now, I have one thing to address with these shoes and that is that I think that they should be sent with two pairs of laces, one black and one red. The contrast sole is great, it makes them stand out and it means that they can be worn a lot more casually. 

But I feel that having a pair of red laces to match the sole would make these shoes perfect. So much so that I've bought a pair of red waxed cotton 2mm round laces today to go with them. When they come in the mail, I'll show you what it's like.

Overall, I have been very impressed with Luke 1977 and I'm incredibly happy with the shoes (as long as I don't wear thick socks). The quality is high and the service is exceptional. Plus, I love the fact that you can tell that the Luke 1977 team have a laugh when at work.

I'd recommend having a look at their stock. I'll admit that not all of it is to my taste, but the items that are, I'm very fond of!

Soon to come will be a preview of their S/S 2014 collection. There is some great stuff in there and I'll be putting together a few outfits.

Cheers guys, and cheers Luke,

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