A Not So Christmassy Christmas Outfit

Monday, 23 December 2013

Typically I'm a bit of a scrooge. Christmas is enjoyable, I love spending time with my family, the food and sitting in front of the fire. Presents are a natural bonus also. But, I don't do festivity and I definitely don't do Christmas jumpers. Although this year I do have a Christmas tie for work. So how would I cope with a Christmas party or something where I'm expected to be 'joyful' or 'festive'?

 Here is what I'd consider to be a tasteful Christmas outfit...
The Jacket
Price: £90 £45

The Shirt

Price: £20

The Belt

Price: £12

The Jeans

Price: £25

The Shoes

Price: £60 £42

Total: £144

We all know that the basics of a Christmas outfit include red and green, then a bit of navy isn't a bad thing. So there's the basis of this outfit. Bare in mind that I loved the jacket so much that I bought it myself! Then the mix of burgundy (slightly more tasteful that red), green and navy just feels like Christmas, without being too bright and keeping it stylish.

I would genuinely wear this outfit at any other time of year, not just Christmas, but then could easily pass for a nice Christmas outfit. Oh, and the shoes are absolutely lush (to the extent that I want to buy them too).

Cheers guys,

P.S. Sorry that this post is so close to Christmas... I only just came up with the idea.

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