£100 Budget Outfit #3

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I hope you know the rules by now, but here they are in case you don't:

1. A jacket must be included
2. At least one accessory must be included
3. The top has to be a shirt, not a t-shirt
4. It has to be fashionable, not crap
5. The use of eBay and/or Primark is strictly prohibited
6. The use of any supermarket brands is prohibited
7. Sales are allowed (Otherwise this would almost be impossible)
8. The shoes have to be nice. Not plimsolls
9. Each item of clothing has to be available in at least 2 sizes
10. The total must not exceed £100, not even by a penny.

I'm also changing this one up a bit...

The Outfit:

The Jacket: Single Breasted Tweed Jacket - Boohoo - £25

The Jumper: Navy Roll Neck Jumper - River Island - £15

The Jeans: Skinny Charcoal Wash Jeans - Forever 21 - £22.75

The Shoes: Colourblocked Brogues - Forever 21 - £24.90

The Belt: Smart Black Belt - ASOS - £10

Total: £97.65

When I said about changing it up a bit, all I mean is that I've chucked all the images into one picture. It's all there so you can see how it all works together, thus saving you the effort and brain power (aren't I good to you?). Also, I seem to have somehow managed to get the total to below £100 (without using any items from sales), feel free to consider this as free post-shopping beer money.

This is both a simple and complicated look. The simple bit being that it's just black and grey, anyone can pull this off and look good so that's a bonus. Now, the complicated part is the roll neck jumper. Roll necks are amazing, especially cable knit ones which will look good on almost anyone. The thin ones however, do not look great on everyone and I would definitely advise you to find out before going for this look. If you don't look good in thin roll necks, replace it with a black shirt (which I hope you have in your wardrobe anyway), and use the extra money for more beer.

Also, when figuring out whether you look good in thin roll necks, do so by yourself. Do not bring a girlfriend, wife, or partner with you. This is a fatal flaw that I have seen many men make. Their counterpart convinces them into getting one, saying how great they look, when they do not, and you can see on their faces that they don't think they look good either. This is a decision to be made yourself. Trust me.

Cheers guys,

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