Monochrome Outfit

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

One of the most simple trends to ever arise in fashion is the monochrome trend. It's possibly one of the only trends that people will end up doing unintentionally anyway, but it's still awesome when done well. So, I'm going to put together what I would consider to be a great monochrome outfit.

Let's see how it goes...

Price: £40

Price: £25

Price: £25

Price: £12

Price: £60

I'll explain this outfit a bit - even though monochrome is pretty damn self explanatory. Normally, for each outfit I can imagine or put together, there is a key piece, one item that the rest of the outfit can be built around. In this outfit, there isn't one. 

The shirt is brilliant, and polka dot is very stylish at the moment. However, at the same time, the white buttons on the black jacket and the black trousers tie everything in. The belt is amazing for a monochrome outfit as it's pure black, saving having to justify a silver or gold colour into a monochrome outfit, which is ideal. Finally, the boots are the perfect way to round off the outfit (and for anyone who follows menswear blogging, Palladium are very much on the style radar at the moment).

So that's my monochrome outfit... I wish I had it, but I need to stop spending money. Especially on shoes.

Anyway, sorry for the absence.

Cheers guys,

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