The Witch Trial

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I'm sure the title led you to believe that you were about to read something significantly cooler than a review of a 'Blemish Stick', and for that I am sorry. However, if you are like me (prone to spots and blemishes) then I advise you continue reading. I may even throw in some form of witch related video at the end to thank you for your time - by this I mean the 'hubble, bubble, toil and trouble' type of witch.


As I have said, I'm prone to spots and blemishes. In general I get a lot of blemishes on my cheeks, chin, and forehead; along with a few spots (especially one I'm currently battling with to the side of my nostril). Due to this, my mum has always recommended Witch Hazel to me, especially through my teen years. She swore by it and I should have listened - seriously, you should always listen to your mum. Now a year on from moving out, I have finally taken my mum's advice, along with the advice of my girlfriend and bought something from Witch.

Message to guys: Women usually know skincare better than you. Accept this fact, and heed their advice.

Witch's award-winning Blemish Stick is what I've ended up with. They do sell a men's version in Boots but it was more expensive and I'm guessing the only difference is the fact that it's called a 'Spot Stick' instead of a Blemish Stick... it's like they had to dumb it down for us.

This is it, just a stick. Dab it onto blemishes and spots as much as you like and trust me when I say that it works. The blemishes that have been on my face for months are now gone, and the menacing spot that I mentioned earlier is losing the fight. 

The way this stick works is that it fights the bacteria that causes spots. I have actually read up about how spots start with sebum blocking pores and bacteria getting trapped, blah blah blah. But who cares?! THIS WORKS!
Price: £1.93

Cheers guys,

Here's the witch-related video I promised. I hope you like Monty Python...

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