Summer Grooming Wish List

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Shopcade is a new site that it basically a nice mix between Pinterest and ASOS. If you see something you like, click 'Want' and you can add it to a list. Once on there, you can buy it through the retailer or you can wait and receive an update to say when what you want is on offer. Alongside this, you can build up points and trade them in for rewards. Not too shabby, huh?

So, on Shopcade I have created a summer grooming wish list. This is everything I'd want to feel great, look great and smell great during summer. 

Here it is...

Nivea Sun - Invisible SPF 30 & Physicool Cooling Mist
Starting simple, you don't want to burn and you don't want to get too hot either. Here are your solutions.

No7 Men - Energiser Bundle
When it comes to grooming, No7 is easily one of the best. They've treated women's skin for so long, they're bound to know their stuff. Here is the whole package and it's perfect for summer, keep your face clean with the face wash and scrub, keep it healthy with the moisturiser and keep yourself looking awake with the eye roll-on (The hair and body wash is just an added bonus in the bundle).

Shave: Edwin Jagger & BaByliss

Shaving still needs to happen throughout summer (unfortunately), so I've pieced this together. Slightly expensive, I admit, but it's everything you need. Edwin Jagger is amazing for the traditional shave, the razors are beautiful, the brushes will give you the best shaving foam cover you'll ever want, and their products are brilliant. Best to keep it as one smell though, so I've chosen the traditional Sandalwood... It's a proper man smell. 

Then there's the BaByliss Super Stubble Shave. I want it... Simple as that. If you go for the stubble look like I do then this would be amazing. 

Shower: Coconut Shampoo & Body Wash
Some may not consider coconut to be a manly smell, and I probably agree that it's not. But it's a very nice smell and it's a great basis for all the other smells to come. Men have to be very careful in today's grooming market, there are so many smells available. Every product is scented and each one will override the other. 

However, take the basis of coconut and then add to it. You'll smell great all day and your aftershave will be the most prominent part. 

Scent: Joop Homme & Old Spice - Champion

When it comes to summer scents, there is one rule: Keep it sweet and fresh. 

Don't over-do the summer scent, there's nothing worse than an overpowering smell when it's hot. Joop Homme is a great and masculine smell and would probably be considered to be quite woody, which is usually best for winter. However it has a brilliant subtlety and sweetness that'd make it the perfect summer scent.

Also, Old Spice is coming up trumps this year. Funny adverts (yes, I will post one below) have brought it back to life and Old Spice Champion has become my favourite deodorant (and my girlfriend's favourite). It's a brilliant smell, so I recommend it... and so does this guy:

Hair: Brylcreem & VO5 Mega Hold
I'll keep this bit short, Brylcreem is great for summer as it keeps your hair lightly styled and slightly glossy. Easy to apply and makes your hair feel great afterwards too. The VO5 is then for those days when you need your hair to stay in position a little more. It'll do the trick.

Hands: Burt's Bees Hand Salve

Burt's Bees products are brilliant (proven by the fact that my mum swears by them), and this hand salve will be amazing for summer. A common problem faced by many people is dry hands, and this applies to guys especially... No woman wants to feel dry hands on her skin. Sort it out.

Cheers guys,

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