Slim Fit for the Larger Sizes

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Every person in the world will theoretically fit into one of these three somatotypes. Not everyone does exactly (for instance, I am between being endomorphic and mesomorphic), but the moment you see the above diagram, you'll know roughly where you fit in. 

Before I become too boring and scientific, this is fashion related, I swear. Whilst working at Next, I have had a lot of men tell me their worries about how everything is changing to slim fit or skinny fit. The majority of our work shirts are slim fit, our best-selling suits are slim fit, and our best jeans are usually either slim or skinny. I have also had emails from readers to say that they would be interested in some insight on fashion for the large/extra large sized men.

Here's my view on it...

To begin, I believe that few men should be afraid of the term 'slim fit'. This does not mean it has been made for the slimmer man, nor does it mean that it's going to be completely figure-hugging. All it means is that the shirt is cut closer to the body, usually allowing 2" of fabric at the sides, instead of being cut straight down from the armpit. This allows for the natural curvature of the body, and for the shirt to be less baggy.

You don't have to be slim to wear one, after all, I'm bordering being an endomorph and slim fit shirts are a really good fit for me. They just feel more fitted than the average shirt, especially around the arms, and they don't tend to bag up around the belt. Naturally, if you are extremely into the endomorph side of things, slim fit may not be the way to go. 

All I'm trying to say is that there are far too many large/extra large size men that believe that slim fit is for the mediums, smalls and extra smalls of the world. This really isn't the case. On the other hand, it would be an idea to be weary around 'skinny fit' items. With slim fit, you can generally pick up your usual size and it will still fit... this is not the case with skinny fit (unless you are actually skinny). You will probably have to go one or two sizes up, even then it may look disproportionate and feel uncomfortable.

In essence, the message of this is to try out slim fit shirts and suits, don't avoid them simply because you don't see yourself as 'slim'. You might end up liking them after all. You can always find good stuff in the high street, even when bigger. Jacamo isn't always the answer. However, make sure you try it all on, no one wants to look like this:

Cheers guys,

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