Outfit of the Day #2

Sunday, 4 August 2013

I'll be honest with you, this 'outfit of the day' is actually yesterday's outfit, and yesterday's 'outfit of the day' is from the day before. I know the illusion is ruined and I'm sorry. The issue I have is that I take the photos too late in the day to post on that day, or that I simply don't have time before running off to work.

Anyway, here is what I wore to work yesterday, and this means you finally get to see me (mostly) suited up...

Waistcoat: £34 - Next

Shirt: £24 - Next

Trousers: £35 - Next

Shoes: £60 £25 - Front

Belt: £30 - Paul Costelloe

Tie: £10 - Next

This is why I really enjoy working at Next, it gives me a chance to experiment with the smarter side of fashion, without being overdressed.  This outfit in particular was great as it was the first time wearing my new spotted shirt (From my Uniform Allowance post), along with the first time wearing this knitted tie. Plus, although I put up the full prices of the Next items on here, I actually bought them at either 25% or 75% off. Not too bad, right?

Cheers guys,

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