Outfit of the Day #1

Saturday, 3 August 2013

It actually wasn't overly hot today and so I put together an outfit that I really enjoyed. Recently I've only been wearing t-shirts and shorts. Cooling as it may be, it's not really my signature style (although t-shirts are rapidly growing on me). So getting to wear a jacket, trousers and boots was a good feeling... even if the t-shirt stayed (it wasn't that cold unfortunately).

So here's my outfit...

Jacket: £80 £35 - Libertine-Libertine Blue Camo

T-shirt: £10 £6 - Full Beam Clothing

Trousers: £40 £15 - River Island

Boots: £90 £9 - Topman

Belt: £15 - River Island

Watch: £50 - Komono

This is where there would normally be links to all of the things I'm wearing but none of them are available any more. Sorry. Although you can go ahead and get my tattoo if you like, that's still available.

Cheers guys,

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