Nuagé Men - Shaving Oil

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I have been dying to try a shaving oil for a while now, it's supposed to be a great way to keep your shave smooth and hassle free. So when I saw this Nuagé Shaving Oil in ASDA for only £1, I thought it'd be rude to not try it.

Price: £1 - ASDA

Here's the outcome...

I have to admit that I liked it, but it wasn't the best shave I've ever had. The idea is to go through the usual shaving routine but adding this on either instead of, or with your usual shaving cream, gel, or soap. I figured that since I was testing it out, I'd try it as a replacement to my shaving soap. Ten minutes post-shave and my face and neck are perfectly comfortable and completely hydrated, without the addition of any aftershave lotion. This is very impressive.

Another brilliant benefit of using Nuagé Shaving Oil instead of anything else is that you can see exactly what you're doing; there's no thick, white stuff blocking your view, and that's great. Especially when you only want to shave certain areas like me.

I did say it wasn't the best shave I've ever had though, and I stick to that. I didn't find it quite as smooth as my usual soap, however I have a hunch that this is mainly because I need to change my blades (I'm not made of money). Along with this, the oil did clog up the blades slightly more than the average gel or cream does, but it is oil so that was to be expected.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it. My neck isn't sore, there are no cuts or razor burns, and everywhere I shaved feels nourished and stroke-worthy (probably helped by the menthol in the oil). I think next time I will combine it with my Edwin Jagger shaving soap and see how it feels. I have a feeling that it will be incredibly smooth.

Cheers guys,