Harrods - Lust List Outfit #2

Friday, 9 August 2013

Lust List: The items I'd love to have but probably won't be able to afford until I win the lottery/get an awesome job.

For my second Lust List, I have selected items for the world-famous Harrods. It should be fun but also mockingly expensive, so I'm looking forward to finding a lot of clothes that I really want to have, but really can't afford.

Here's the outcome of me torturing myself...

The Outfit:

Price: £359

Price: £139

Price: £129

Price: £130

The Accessories:

Price: £74.95
Price: £279

So this all came up to just a small £1110.95... Genuinely less that I expected from Harrods. I'm impressed. However, I still cannot afford any of this.

Cheers guys,

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