£100 Budget Outfit #2

Friday, 23 August 2013

My recent post on making a full outfit out of only £100 seemed very popular. This may be due to having students read my blog, or because a lot of you are as bad with money as I am. Although, even if you do have a lot of money, a bargain is always a good thing and hard to turn down. Due to this, I've decided to make a habit of the £100 budget outfits. They even have their own page now.

Anyway, here are the rules again...

1. A jacket must be included
2. At least one accessory must be included
3. The top has to be a shirt, not a t-shirt
4. It has to be fashionable, not crap
5. The use of eBay and/or Primark is strictly prohibited
6. The use of any supermarket brands is prohibited
7. Sales are allowed (Otherwise this would almost be impossible)
8. The shoes have to be nice. Not plimsolls
9. Each item of clothing has to be available in at least 2 sizes
10. The total must not exceed £100, not even by a penny.

(Please comment if you believe any rules should be added or taken away)

The Outfit:

Price: £60 £24

Total: £24

Price: £28 £15

Total: £39

Price: £30

Total: £69

Price: £50 £25

Total: £94

Price: £10 £6

Total: £100

If you decide to go for this outfit, or one similar, feel free to add another splash of colour in somewhere. However, you could go the other way and play on the popular monochrome trend by wearing a white shirt with the rest of the outfit. You will look pretty damn dapper if you do so. So dapper, to the extent that I'm mildly regretting not putting a white shirt with this ensemble.

There you go, another outfit for a greatly affordable price. Keep an eye out for the next one.

Cheers guys,

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