Which Watch Would You Want?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

I absolutely adore watches, after all, there are very few accessories that can add as much to an outfit as a watch can. Although make sure you don't take lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio when it comes to how to wear your watch, the man clearly has no idea. I'm sure it made for a very awkward photo shoot...

Anyway, back to the point...

I have to admit that I'm not even a huge fan of the big watch companies such as Tag Heuer and Rolex. Don't get me wrong, both companies have their beautiful watches, but I bet I could find something more stylish and for a hell of a lot less (and when I say a hell of a lot, I'm talking thousands of pounds less). This isn't easy for me either, I'm incredibly fussy about watches. A watch is like a great pair of shoes, pick right and it could last you years.

Genuinely though, what's the point in spending thousands of pounds on a watch that isn't going to add anything to your outfit or style? A watch should be an extension of your personality, not an extension of your wallet.

Here's what I've picked...

This is definitely one of the most simple designs that Komono does, but I thought I'd start with something simple. I have a Komono watch (shown here) and I love it, I wear it all day, every day and it's still ticking along beside me. It's the longest lasting watch I've ever had and the moment I decide to replace it, I will go back to Komono.

They're stylish (Even Urban Outfitters stock them now), well made and well priced. Simple as that. 

Price: £81.79 (The most expensive one they do)
I've always had a thing for Nixon watches, but that's partially due to the temptation of having my own surname on my watch. However, they do make beautiful timepieces, once you go over the £100 marker anyway. If you want to pay less, you'll end up with a rubber (yet still mildly alluring) version of a man's watch. 

I'm sorry to those of you who do have plastic or rubber novelty watches (including my housemate that loves his rainbow coloured, plastic monstrosity Swatch), but they are reserved for children... and extreme sportsman. Not you.

Price: £130

I honestly don't know what to say about Cross watches. They seem to be good, it's a really nice looking watch that will quite happily fly under the radar and the fact that it relates to Batman just makes me happy inside (I'm quite the geek). I can't say anything about the quality of Cross, but for the price, it should last you a while. {Insert Batman joke here}

Price: £100

This is a stunning watch and I'm genuinely in love with it. You will genuinely struggle to find anything more stylish than a Komono watch for the price they ask. The brushed chrome dial with the woven leather strap genuinely make this watch irresistible to me. Unfortunately, it hasn't been released yet and so I'm eagerly anticipating the price of it. 

Price: Unreleased (but won't be too much)

I have never intended to own anything Armani in any way, some of the watches are nice I know... But when it comes to watches, stick to a company that does watches first, everything else later. Otherwise (and especially in the case of Armani) you are paying for the name on your wrist, not the quality beneath it.

On the other hand, I actually love this watch. It's the denim strap... I love it. It's stylish but still classy. I'm in shock. Well done Armani.

Price: £329

Triwa is a fantastic watch company in my eyes. They won't get into the sights of any horological aficionados, but for the regular man, they are awesome. I'm not normally a guy for the chronograph watch, knowing the time alone tends to work for me. However, these watches are beautiful, stylish and by the look of it, very well made.

I have wanted a Triwa watch for far too long now... I may have to suggest it for my upcoming birthday. 

Price: £185 £130

I'm not claiming to be any form of horological know-it-all, but I know what I like and what will look good. 

I also have a general rule for you:

If the name of the watch company is normally found on a pair of boxers worn by arse-showing teenagers... Don't buy it.

Cheers guys,



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