To be Bright or to be Bold?

Friday, 26 July 2013

Bright colours are in for summer, this is the only time that Mr. Blobby has ever genuinely been a style inspiration (I'm not saying this is a good thing). However, I'm not one for bright colours, I can get away with them but they're not my thing anymore. Instead, I tend to go toward bold colours... yes, there is a huge difference between the two.

Here are two quick picks for bold coloured shirts this summer, without getting too bright...

It's denim so that's already a win for you, and then the boldness of the purple is a good stand-out point. If you don't know what to wear it with then just pair it with blue... Simple, easy and effective.

Price: £28

I'm a big fan of Selected, the tend to do simple clothing, nothing fancy or over-the-top, but it'll always have a slight quirk to it. The mild contrast between the pocket being plain and the rest being textured is a nice touch and quite simply, the colour is lush.

Price: £35

Essentially for this summer, it's about throwing in a couple of colours or shades you wouldn't usually go for. If you're comfortable with bright colours then go ahead and do it, otherwise, just go for some bolder colours, maybe a few patterns... See what you like and look good in.

Cheers guys,

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