The Prada Alternative

Saturday, 27 July 2013

A while back I found this picture on Tumblr and absolutely loved the shoes, however it's pretty obvious that they are expensive. So after a few minutes of trying to find them online, it turns out that these are £700 worth of Prada shoes. I was right... Which sucks.

Someday I would love to say '£700? Yeah sure', but I can't yet. Due to this I've put together three more affordable options for you. Nothing more than £75 too.

Here they are...

These are pretty sweet in my opinion. You have to love a nice pair of derby shoes and I believe every man should have a pair in his collection. They are a smart-style staple after all. Then, if you go for this pair, you'll just be able to set yourself apart from the rest that little bit more. Oh, and Bertie shoes last for ages, I've had a pair of woven blue Bertie shoes for about three years now.

Price: £75

So these aren't amazing but they are the right style and may be more to your taste than mine. I just figure that if you're going to go for woven, you should do it properly. But it's the thought that counts, and they'll still look good. They've also been dropped to under half price, so it's a cheaper solution to the want for woven shoes.

Price: £85 £42

Ted Baker is a great company for shoes, they're always comfy, well made and tend to be slightly quirky too (which I like). These are lush, plain and simple derby shoes with the vamp of the shoe woven. They'd make a great addition to any man's collection.

Price: £100 £70

If it were me buying one of these three pairs, I would definitely go for the pair from Bertie. I've always been a big fan of the brand and I prefer the look of the sole and contrasted welt. Plus the way that they've altered the usual aesthetic of the plain derby by playing with the quarter and the counter (shown below) is brilliant...

Yes, I am a shoe geek.

Cheers guys,