Summer Trend - Suede Shoes

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Suede is in style and it's as simple as that. For a while, suede shoes were what your granddad wore and it'd seem ridiculous to own a pair yourself. But now you'll find that every on-trend high street fashion store will stock an impressive amount of suede shoes. Everyone can wear them and everyone can make them look good. It's a simple fact that if you're unsure what shoes will go with an outfit? Bring on the suede!

... Anyway, due to this, I've picked some of the best suede shoes to meet your summer needs, and none are above £60...

I'd say that these are a good starting point. They are simple black suede shoes but the orange lining and laces with the white sole give them a bit of a twist. Black suede shoes will go with anything... Seriously, you could wear a bin bag with these and people would still come up to you and say, "Nice shoes".

Wear with: Anything

Price: £55
(Topman also do a pair of plain black brogues if the orange isn't to your taste, found here, for £42)

When it comes to shoes, ALDO is one awesome company. They are always on trend, always well made and they make some beautiful shoes. On top of this, if you own some blue suede shoes, not only will they go with almost any outfit you want but you'll also find yourself singing the great song by Elvis whenever you wear them. 

Wear with: Anything that's not green or yellow.

Price: £75 £37

Desert boots (a form of chukka boots) are amazing things. They are essentially the male equivalent of women's pumps. If in doubt, go for the desert boots, they look right with anything. But I thought I'd shake it up with a bit with my choice here and go for some red ones (I have some myself). They don't go with as many outfits as brown ones do (which I also have), but when you get the right outfit for them, you will look pretty damn good. It's the bonus of suede shoes, you can be more daring.

Wear with: Jeans, shorts, mankini.. Whatever you want.

Price: £60 £40
(If the red look doesn't tickle your fancy, try some brown ones, found here, for £40)

If someone asked me who the best affordable brand for suede shoes is, my answer would be Ask The Missus. I have a pair of black leather and suede double monks from Ask The Missus and they are, hands-down, the most beautiful shoes I own. This pair is a shining example of the skill of the company, they are just a plain brown suede brogue, but they are beautiful and the attention to detail is phenomenal. 

Oh, and you genuinely cannot go wrong with brogues. I have many pairs of brogues and I love them all.

Wear with: Anything... and preferably a brown belt. 

Price: £59.99

Now this is basically a mix of all the best bits from the above shoes. If you just want one pair that encompasses everything good about suede shoes, buy these. They are Ask The Missus, brown suede, brogue chukka boots which means that they will genuinely go with any outfit you ever want to wear. Alongside this, the white wedge sole adds a slight boldness to the shoes that will keep the compliments rolling in. 

Wear with: I think you get the idea by now... ANYTHING!

Price: £59.99

Cheers guys,

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