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Sunday, 14 July 2013

To all the gentlemen of today, there is one simple and undeniable fact of life in this metrosexual age; this is that there is no longer any excuse not to look after yourself. I’m not going to try and persuade you into performing some kind of ritualistic routine every night from now until you die, but having the right products can go a long way to making you more comfortable and confident in your own skin... It’s certainly helped me.

Here are my skincare products, there’s a great mix of cheap, cheerful stuff for every day use and more expensive stuff for when I feel like a little treat.

Nivea Soft - Moisturiser 
This is the most bog-standard of all of my products, however it was the first in my collection. I generally have dry skin, especially when it comes to my hands. Due to this, for years I would steal this from my mum and I have used it ever since.

Use: When needed

Price: £2.45 (Boots)

St. Ives - Apricot Scrub
Cursed with blemishes, blackheads and the odd spot (or ten when stressed), I needed a strong exfoliate for my face. This was what my beauty-blogging-girlfriend suggested I should get and I haven’t looked back.

Use: Twice a week

Price: £4.29 (Boots)

Bulldog - Moisturiser and Face Wash
These are the most recent additions to my skincare collection and are incredibly quickly becoming the top dogs of the lot (excuse the pun). I seriously suggest to all men to buy Bulldog products and trust me when I say that you’ll be stroking your face many times afterwards. This post is actually taking a while to write as I keep taking face-stroking breaks.

Use: Morning and Night

Prices: Moisturiser - £6.39 £3.19 (Boots)
Face Wash - £4.59 £2.29 (Boots)

Nickel - Moisturiser, Fatigue Fighter and Facial Scrub
I may have treated myself a little bit when buying this set… okay, maybe a lot but everyone deserves a treat, right?

I’ll post a full review of this set later on, so for now I’ll shed some light on the Electro Shock Gel (6). It’s awesome and perfect for the morning after a night out. One squirt of gel, spread evenly over your face and you’ll instantly feel more awake. When people say that a pint of water at night and in the morning will help a hangover, they’re right, but it won’t stop you looking like you’ve been punched in the face repeatedly before work. This gel will.

Use: Rarely (Unless you're rich or go out a lot)

Prices: Moisturiser - £20 £16 (Escentual)
            Fatigue Fighter - £23 £14.95 (Justusmen)
            Exfoliate - £10 (Mankind)
Cheers guys,

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