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Monday, 22 July 2013

A good shave is important to me; I like to keep my facial hair but not much of it so I need the right tools to style it. Furthermore, I have reasonably sensitive skin, meaning shaving easily irritates me. However, my shaving kit sorts this.

Here's the collection...

 Sainsbury's Basics - Shave Foam

This is probably the definition of starting simple. It's nothing impressive, not packed with a million special ingredients that claim to wash your car for you whilst you shave or anything...  it's just simple shaving foam. It's great for when I need to be quick, and since I've been using it I haven't had one cut. 

Price: 26p

Like I said before, I have reasonably sensitive skin so after a shave, I need to soothe my skin quickly and hydrate it again. This balm is simply great and I can't fault it at all. I'm definitely keen to try the rest of the Somersets range.

Price: £4.95

To have a trimmed and styled beard, you need something to style it with, and this is awesome. It includes the trimmer itself, three different length settings and a razor that attaches to it. The trimmer works well and the length settings are great and when using the razor, turn on the power and the vibrations make the shave incredibly easy. Plus, it does look pretty nice.

Price: £15 (in a gift set - this is very cheap)

The Traditional Shaving Kit

A while back I purchased these items. This was actually to solve the sensitive skin situation, which it does (believe it or not). Along with that, my dad used to always use a shaving brush and traditional shaving soap when I was younger (now he's too lazy), so it's nice to get back to that. 

There's just something nice and authentic about having a straight razor to shave with. I'll admit that I don't use it that often, mainly as I tend to only shave for work, so I'm in a rush. But when I do, the routine of everything feels great and if you try it, that day will just be better. 

The Edwin Jagger soap is just brilliant; it lathers up well and makes for a nice and smooth shave. The straight razor is nice as well, it's only cheap but I like the modern feel to it. In the end, it's all about the razor blades you use and according to everyone to do with shaving, Feather are the best. They're also significantly cheaper than normal razors for Gillette etc.

I would recommend going for a better shaving brush though.


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