A Pocket Watch for the Modern Gentleman? About Time!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

In a previous post, I wrote about how wrist watches are becoming obsolete due to people checking their phones for the time. Doesn't it seem reasonably obvious that all pocket watches are obsolete also? They're old fashioned, right? Well that's exactly why the Swedish design company, People People, has made a pocket watch... a modern pocket watch. 

When I saw the pictures of the pocket watch, I had to know where to get it. I love the seemingly casual collaboration of tradition and modernism, along with the surprise that no one had done this already. This is the sheer genius of People People, their designs seem very obvious, yet very innovative. Plus, it's absolutely beautiful.

Briscktad, a designer for People People told Cool Hunting, "The solid aluminium construction will mean that you know it's there but it'll be light enough and wide enough to not pull on a pocket and ruin the fall of a jacket or waistcoat."

It's elegant, stylish, simple and beautiful. Pretty much the actual company in a nutshell. Their designs promote eco-friendly and user-friendly products that can be recycled and easily fixed. This watch, for example, might have a screw in lens so the user can fix and replace parts of the watch without a specialist.

Consider People People, as a company, to be the opposite of Apple. Apple lives for the new, inventing and improving the products of tomorrow and when your Apple product is broken, they'll give you a new one. This is wonderful for today's fast-paced mentality. Who can wait two weeks to send a phone off after all? 

On the other hand, People People lives to make the old, new. Reinventing and improving the products of yesterday to fit today's societal needs. If it's broken, you fix it. But if I'm honest, made by a company like this, I doubt it will break.

Here's a summary of my thoughts whilst reading about and looking at this watch:

"Shut up and take my money!"

Unfortunately, it is still only in the prototype stages but I'm hoping pre-ordering will begin soon. If I have the money, I will be the first on the list. I'll keep you all updated with any news on it.

Cheers guys,

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