San Francisco

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Moraga became my home for a week. A long street in the Sunset District of San Francisco, a short walk away from the Golden Gate Park, and the actual home of Bianca. I met Bianca last year during my post-Graduation break away to Copenhagen, Denmark (see more of that here: Copenhagen in Photographs). I am well aware that the usual protocol of making friends in other countries is this conversation:

Person one: "We should meet up when you're in [insert home country here]!"

Person two: "That'd be awesome, I'd love to. I may be able to come over later this year/next year"

*Both proceed to keep in mild contact over Facebook/text/other social media but never visit*

It is safe to say that we did not adhere to such protocol.

Knomo London // Life Organised

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Do you have a friend that you don't see/speak to for months/years on end, but when you reconnect and it's like you saw each other yesterday? That's what I'd like to say about my relationship with O&U, it has been six months since I last posted and it's like riding a bike, right? Nope. Few things in my life have felt less natural than sitting down with my laptop and writing the first mildly coherent thoughts that fly into my brain. 

Is this because I have spent the majority of that time in front of my work computer typing, reading, retyping, checking, and double checking everything to ensure I don't send an email to a supplier that includes a mistake? That is a distinct possibility. Whatever the case is, I'm back. Will this mean regular posts? I'll try but probably not. I have no interest in lying to myself/you about how organised I'm going to be (There is a reason that "Underprepared" is in the title of this blog), I have no interest in putting that pressure on myself again, but I have every interest in resuming a part of my life that I absolutely love and sorely miss. 

My intention is to do more on my terms. I may start doing some posts on my style with no brand affiliations, I may start writing about what I love from the industry I work in (the watch industry), I may write more about things to do/see... who knows? Think of this version of my blog as Rick & Morty Season 3: It's been a while in the making, the details are dubious at best, and there is no guarantee that it'll live up to previous parts, but it's going to happen anyway and I'm excited to have it back in my life.

Knomo London // Life Organised

Meet the James Men's Tote Laptop Backpack from Knomo London. I will begin by saying that the name does not roll off the tongue, however to make up for that, it is both practical and easy on the eyes. These are literally my two favourite qualities; we're off to a solid start. Considering my positive disposition toward neutral colours, I opted for the Olive over the Charcoal colourway, but both look equally as awesome.

Footasylum x Timberland 6 Inch Premium Boots

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Happy coincidences happen, we all know this. The most recent for me was a desire to buy a pair of Timberland boots. This desire struck me about two weeks before the opportunity arose to work with Footasylum on a campaign dedicated to how to wear the 6 inch Premium Timberland boots. Luckily I had not yet funnelled my funds into a pair, all due to an idiotic oversight from someone I used to live with, leaving me with an unexpected bill of just under the price of a pair of Timberlands. This was unfortunate, yet slots in seamlessly with the overall coincidence of the situation and the boots slightly made up for the irritating situation. So, now I have them, how exactly do I wear my Timberlands? (Other than just "on my feet").

Brand Focus: Canali*

Sunday, 20 November 2016

It's been a while since I have really focused on a brand in a non-review format. What it comes down to is a desire to continue a stream of content on O&U, but a difficulty in balancing working full time and the days getting shorter, with getting photos and allocating time for everything to be done. Canali is a brand I have always loved the idea of working with, although my style over time has become considerably more casual, my passion for the tailored attire has always persisted.

The Original Breton Shirt Co.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Two months is a long time to pause writing on a blog, I understand that. It wasn't the easiest decision to make, I stopped writing around the time that it was all I wanted to do, however I am happy I bit the proverbial bullet. Now I am back, and I truly hope that you consider this to be a positive thing. Since my last post, I have started a new job, moved to London, and basically achieved a goal I set out for myself earlier this year. This took concentration on things other than the blog, sadly.

Of course, I didn't want to start up again with any old post, and luckily for me I was contacted by the one, and only, Original Breton Shirt Co. A few years ago, I wrote a post on how to capture the style of James Dean using a Breton top from them, so it seems fitting to bring it back into the fold, this time wearing one of their tops myself. I understand that I don't look quite as suave as James Dean.